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  • 2. Application for a Local Board

    Working Group's application to the Local Government Commission for a Golden Bay local board, supported by a petition signed by over 700 locals

    879 KB • DOCX File • 10 May 2019

  • 4. Position Paper

    LGC's September 2019 report on what a local board is, how it differs from a community board, what the Commission will consider in making its decision, and the timeline for the decision.

    193 KB • DOCX File • 5 September 2019

  • 5. Local Board v Community Board Table?

    The Working Group's summary of the main differences between a Community Board and a Local Board (tabular format)

    18 KB • DOCX File • 15 July 2019

  • 6. The case for a GB Local Board

    The reasons why the Working Group are promoting a local board as the best form of local government for our community, including a review of how local boards operate under the LGA

    23 KB • DOCX File • 29 June 2020

  • 8. TDC's Response to the Application

    The issues raised by TDC in its response to the LGC on the GB LB Application, along with comments from the Working Group

    88 KB • DOCX File • 16 February 2020

  • Case Study: Great Barrier Island Local Board

    We take a look at how a small remote community in the Auckland region operates under a local board 'shared governance' arrangement

    18 KB • DOCX File • 15 July 2018

  • 7. Local Board Governance Costs

    The Working Group's submission to the LGC on Golden Bay local board governance costs

    25 KB • OpenOffice Text • 29 June 2020

  • 1. Consultation Document: 'GB Local Board Proposal'

    LGC's proposal of how a local board could work for GB, including costs. This is to facilitate informed discussion with the GB community on the advantages and issues of moving to a local board form of representation

    1.6 MB • PDF File • 6 July 2020

  • 3. Investigation Process

    LGC's document (updated June 2020) setting out the process the Commission will follow in their investigation of GB's local board application

    242 KB • PDF File • 5 July 2020

  • 9. Research into the TDC/Golden Bay Relationship Issues

    A 2017 social research project by Autonomy Solutions examining the relationship between TDC and the Golden Bay community based on an interview of 26 GB local. It lists 2 pages positive comments, 2 pages neutral comments & 11 pages negative comments.

    9.5 MB • PDF File • 16 July 2018


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