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Your community site for information about a Local Board for Golden Bay

About Us. The 'Working Group for a Golden Bay Local Board' are local GB people raising community awareness and support for a Golden Bay Local Board, giving locally elected people more powers to make local decisions than the present Community Board (see 'Who We Are' under 'Further Information').

What we are doing: In 2018, based on a petition by 700 locals, the Local Board Working Group applied to the Local Government Commission (LGC) to investigate upgrading our community representation. This would replace our Community Board, which makes recommendations on local Golden Bay issues but with all decisions made regionally by TDC, with a Local Board, where all non-regulatory and some regulatory local issues are decided by locals elected from our community i.e. the community actually affected by the decision. Download the Application under 'Further Information'.

Progress to date.The LGC deemed the Application warranted investigation, and recently released their 'Golden Bay Local Board Investigation Process' document outlining how they will do this, see 'Further Information'. The investigation will adopt the following principles;

a. focus on a local board for Golden Bay, rather than boards for all Tasman communities

b. LGC will produce a 'Golden Bay local board proposal' as the basis forinformed consultation with our community, setting out what a local board is, compared to a community board, what it could do, and the likely cost impacts (April 2020)

c. actively involve our community via information releases, submissions and hearings, plus input from key stakeholders from the wider Tasman district, including TDC and Iwi. Change will not be implemented unless we as a community engage in the consultation and accept both the process and the outcome (May/June 2020)

The LGC acknowledge that they have no control over how much TDC will charge us, via a targeted rate, for supporting local decision making by our community. The Working Group will do everything in our power to ensure that if the GB community, in conjunction with the LGC, decide to upgrade to a local board that resulting rate increases, if any, by TDC are fair, transparent and acceptable to our community. See 'Local Board - How Much Will It Cost Us' under 'Further Information' (...coming soon)

Next steps.:
> Local Board Proposal document for consultation: April 2020
> public submissions: May 2020

> public hearings by LGC: June 2020
> LGC decision on whether to implement: September 2020

Note: no poll required for the LGC to implement their final decision

Questions and Suggestions.Email us (use the 'send an email' button on this website).

Show Your Support. Click on 'GB Local Board Petition (On-Line)' under 'Links') to add your name to the on-line petition. The more support from the Golden Bay community (or from elsewhere in the Tasman District) the stronger our case to the LGC for implementing better local government. All personal details are strictly confidential.

More information. Select 'Further Information' tab on this website then double-click on the required topic. This will download a Word doc.

Alternatively, email (click on the LGC link on this website) or call the LGC.


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