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About Us. The 'Working Group for a Golden Bay Local Board' are local GB people raising community awareness and support for a Golden Bay Local Board, giving locally elected people more powers to make local decisions than the present Community Board. A local board would replace our current community board.

What we are doing: In October 2018 we submitted an application (available for download under 'further information' on this site), based on a petition by 700 locals, requesting the Local Government Commission (LGC) to investigate replacing our community board with a local board.

Progress to date. In November the LGC agreed to assess the application. In May this year, after delays due to the Tasman wild-fires, the LGC called (as required under legislation) for alternative proposals. Alternative proposals received included a request for an additional Motueka local board (proposal available on the LGC website).

Next step. The LGC will identify all reasonably practicable options, which may include the original application, the alternatives received, any combination of these or further options identified by the LGC. The reasonably practicable options must also include status quo arrangements. The LGC will then select its preferred option and discuss this with the GB community. This has been delayed until March 2020 due to the October local government elections.

LGC Position Statement and Roadmap to their Decision: LGC has released a 'position statement' containing information on what a local board is, how it differs from a community board, what they will consider in making their decision, and the timeline for the decision. See 'LGC Position Statement' under 'further information' on this site or go to for details.

The timeline to LGC's decision:
> reorganisation investigation process document: December 2019
> proposal for consultation: March 2020
> completion of consultation: May 2020
> LGC decision on whether to implement: July 2020

a) Timeline subject to legislation in parliament this month;
b) there is no poll required for the LGC to implement their final decision

Questions and Suggestions.Email us (use the 'send an email' button on this website).

Show Your Support. Click on 'GB Local Board Petition (On-Line)' under 'Links') to add your name to the on-line petition. The more support from the Golden Bay community (or from elsewhere in the Tasman District) the stronger our case to the LGC for implementing better local government. All personal details are strictly confidential.

More information. Select 'Further Information' tab on this website then double-click on the required topic. This will download a Word doc.

Alternatively, email (click on the LGC link on this website) or call the LGC.


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